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Why a Frameless Shower Door is the Clear Choice

Chattanooga stylish frameless shower doorsFrameless shower doors are increasingly becoming the clear favorite of designers and homeowners alike. While they fit perfectly into the sleek minimalism of modern design, this is far from the only reason to go frameless. There are many practical reasons to favor this style of design, from hygiene to general quality of life. Here are the five key reasons to make a Chattanooga frameless shower door your next Tennessee home improvement project.

Enhance Natural Light Flow

Every room in the home looks better with greater natural light, and the bathroom is no exception. However, increased levels of natural light take on special importance here. With greater sunlight flowing in as you take your morning shower or otherwise go about your routine, it’s easier to feel focused and refreshed as you tackle the day. Furthermore, it’s easier to find soap, shampoo, razors, and other cleaning items in a bathroom with better lighting.

Create a Sense of Spaciousness

A bathroom can feel claustrophobically small with curtains or traditional shower doors dividing up the space. By replacing these opaque fixtures with clear Chattanooga frameless shower doors, even a small bathroom can seem more cozy and spacious. If you do have a relatively small bathroom, then frameless glass can go a long way in making it more livable and usable.

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Elegant, Flexible Design

Chattanooga frameless shower doors are simple to install and come in many shapes and sizes, which greatly cuts down on the work for your next home improvement project. With other fixtures, you may have relatively limited options and have to do more work to find something suitable. On the other hand, it’s entirely effortless to find a functional, practical set of frameless shower doors.

If you have a more stylish flair in mind for your home, though, you don’t have to settle for a design that’s merely functional. There are many unique models available that can fit different interior design styles, whether you’re thinking of creating a spa-like experience or want to squeeze your showering space into a corner nook.

Easier to Clean

Simplicity is a big perk when it comes to cleaning, as there are fewer nooks and crannies for water or dust to collect in. Since frameless shower doors have such small hardware fixtures and are otherwise plates of glass, there’s no alternative that’s easier to clean. All that you have to do to keep them looking good is squeegee off the water after a shower, and they’ll be clean and clear from there. Occasionally attending to the corners and hardware will help to ensure that your frameless glass shower doors don’t harbor mildew or grime.

Less Likely to Harbor Mold Growth

Traditional shower doors and curtains can hold onto moisture and dirt much more stubbornly than frameless glass doors. To top it off, they’re also harder to clean than glass shower doors. As a result, these older methods of separating your showering space can often start to harbor mold. Mold can aggravate your respiratory system, cause asthma attacks, and potentially spread to other areas of your home. As such, the fact that frameless glass shower doors are less likely to harbor mold is a major advantage.

Call Superior Shower Doors

If you want to install frameless shower doors in or near Southeast, Tennessee, you know who to call. Superior Shower Doors is a long standing, local company with an excellent track record of Chattanooga shower door services, from repair to installation and replacement. Reach out to us today to learn more about our collection of elegant, yet practical frameless shower doors.

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