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Semi-Frameless Shower Doors & Enclosures

New semi-frameless shower doors can, very simply, improve the look of your North Georgia or Southeast Tennessee home. It is amazing how the replacement of your old shower doors can change the way your bathroom feels, transforming it from a utilitarian room that you have to use to a luxurious room that you want to use. Anytime that you choose to update your bathroom with new shower doors it is essential to know your choices and decide what is appealing to your tastes and sense of style. Knowing a little bit about each type of glass shower will help you make the right choice for your home. In the construction of a semi-frameless shower door, only the metal needed to maintain the structure of the door used. Semi-frameless can be a great option in shower doors depending on your needs and budget.

Semi-frameless shower doors can often be the most confusing segment of the shower door industry, simply because there is no standardized definition among manufacturers. Typically, semi-frameless shower doors combine framed stationary glass with partially framed doors. Or, in the case of single doors, a partially framed door is stabilized with metal framing on the hinge side and at the base, while the top of the door and the handle side have no metal physically attached to the glass.

semi frameless shower door in Dalton GA bathroomIn this picture, we have a great example of a bypass sliding shower door system that some people call semi-frameless and others call frameless. There are metal wall jambs, a metal track at the base, and a metal header atop the unit. However, the sliding panels are free-floating within this framing structure. These units used to be considered “frameless,” but now there are newer models in the sliding shower segments – ones with considerably less metal overall – most people call these sliding bypass systems “semi-frameless.

Semi-frameless units are nice because the glass is thicker than it is in most framed shower enclosures. By using 1/4″ or 3/8″ glass, semi-frameless units have a sturdier feel. And since there is still plenty of metal associated with these units, there is good adjustability, especially compared to frameless shower enclosures, which can only be installed with very precise measurements and out of plumb/level conditions.

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