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What Are Pivot Shower Doors?

Atlanta Georgia pivot shower doors
Are you looking for an affordable upgrade to make your bathroom more attractive? A new shower door could make all the difference, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Once you make up your mind about getting a new shower door, you must consider which type will work best for your needs. There are several styles to choose from, including pivot shower doors.

Also called hinged shower doors, these operate the same as regular doors throughout your house, swinging outward with hinges installed on one side. These doors typically include an easy-to-grab metal handle to pull the door open.

Benefits of Pivot Shower Doors

With various styles available for modern shower enclosures, what qualities set pivot shower doors apart? Consider the top reasons homeowners across North Georgia and Southeast Tennessee choose this over other options:

  • Accommodates larger openings: It’s possible to install an extra-wide pivot shower door for a large opening so you can step through with ease.
  • Ideal for age-in-place designs: While sliding doors sometimes require a lot of strength to push back and forth, pivot shower doors are easy for anyone to open. If you’re making changes to your bathroom to accommodate someone with mobility challenges or limited strength, this is a great upgrade.
  • No door track: Pivoting doors don’t require a track. This eliminates a common spot for dirt, mold, and grime to accumulate. Without a door track, the shower stays safer and cleaner.
  • Flexible applications: A hinged shower door is perfect for both contemporary and traditional bathroom designs. You can also choose to have the hinges located on the left or right side, depending on the layout of your bathroom.

Hinged shower door Georgia

Limitations of Pivot Shower Doors

While hinged doors are ideal for many applications and design styles, they aren’t perfect for all situations. This type of shower door is not suitable for cramped bathroom spaces because there must be room for the door to swing outward to a 90-degree angle. If your bathroom can’t accommodate this, a sliding door may be better.

Styles and Designs

Once you’re certain a hinged shower door is right for your bathroom, the next step is to sift through various styles and designs. For example, a framed shower door is a good option if your top priorities include achieving a traditional appearance and upgrading the shower door on a budget. Atlanta frameless shower doors are even more impressive, with a distinct beauty that could provide that “wow” factor you’re looking for.

In addition to choosing a frame style, you should also consider the glass. Etched or fogged glass is ideal if you want to create privacy in the shower stall, while clear glass is the better choice for showing off intricate tile designs in the shower stall.

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The expert craftsmen at Superior Shower Doors can help you select and install a new pivot shower door to improve the appearance and functionality of your bathroom. Whether you want to use a special type of glass or your shower door requires custom cuts to fit a uniquely shaped space, we have all your needs covered.

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